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“Madame Bovary”
2018-06-29 05:19

(Mia Wasikowsk)
同じ女優さんの出る“Madame Bovary”を見てみようかなと思っています。
As I watched the movie “Jane Eyre“ recently, I looked for movies in which the same actress, Mia Wasikowska, stars. To my surprise, I have watched many of her movies where she played minor roles, but I just didn’t recognize her because she was not noticeable. So, tonight I am going to watch the movie, “Madame Bovary," She must look quite different from Jane in “Jane Eyre”.

My progress in German is slow, as I haven’t even finished the first half of the second textbook, but, I have studied a lot more than I expected when I first took up German. Every day, I write a few German sentences to practice. I hope it will work.

Comme j'ai regardé le film, "Jane Eyre" récemment, j'ai cherché des films avec la même actrice, Mia Wasikowska.
À ma grande surprise, je me suis rendue compte que j’avais déjà regardé de nombreux films dans lesquels elle jouait des rôles secondaires, mais je ne l’avais tout simplement pas reconnue parce qu'elle ne crevait pas l’écran. Donc je vais regarder le film "Madame Bovary", elle doit être différente que dans "Jane".

Ma progression dans l’étude de l'allemand est lente, je n'ai même pas terminé la moitié du deuxième manuel, mais ce que j'ai mémorisé, c’est déjà beaucoup plus que ce à quoi je m'attendais quand j'ai commencé l'allemand. De nos jours j'essaie d'écrire quelques compositions, seulement quelques phrases en allemand, mais j'espère que ça va m’aider à progresser.

Ich habe den Film "Jane Eyre" neulich gesehen. Ich habe den Roman gelesen, als ich jung war, aber ich konnte mich nicht genau an die Geschichte erinnern.
Es ist ein guter Film, und ich fühlte mich, als ob ich in diesen Tagen zurückkehrte, nachdem ich ihn gesehen hatte.
I think it work! 書くのが一番ですね。I have watched "Jane Eyre" long before. The writer's sisiter were also a writer and have wtritten "Wuthering Heights." Is Jane's love a true love? Is Heathcliff's love a pure love? I don't know.
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I enjoyed the old English dialogue of the protagonists in the movie. I think their love should be pure love, as readers expect it, especially young people, who still have a dream of love.
It is a good thing that people in love can give their hearts to each other. By the way, I also read "Wuthering Heights” when I was a high school student.

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Dear Ms.Reiko Janvier

At first I’ d like to say thank you for your visit my blog every day.
I was born in 1945 January 5.just same year last year of World War 2.
My mother told me just I was born in KAWAGUCHI city at the hospital under the US air bomb alarm.
But nobody there, all the staff already escaped to the underground cave.
So my mother hang me dark hospital to the cave alone.
I’m 73 years old but I don’t feel like my age.
I continue my job but recently I can’t meet my new customer.
Condition is same as half retired.
My job is import kitchens from Poland & Canada and domestic one looks like import kitchen.
I have been worked more than 40 years.
Recently I have rare case use English so I’m afraid of my English word.
Even in my daily life in Japnease.
So I wrote this letter.
If you agree with my opinion I’ll write to you.

Best Regards

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To Kitchenplaza Y UENO,
Thank you so much for your message which impressed me a lot, as your career is great and your English is good.
I am not good at writing English, that is why I have been posting English and French blogs to practice it, I hope it helps with my studies.
It is a coincidence that my husband and you are only one year apart in age. My husband was living in Nagoya after the Second World War, so he still remembers those days when the American base was near by, and he got sweets from the troops. (I was born in 1957, and I still work with my employees.) I can imagine that you still feel young, and, you are actually young, like my husband. I hope your business goes well, and you stay healthy!
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