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2010-08-14 21:57

 It's been a busy day today, I finished the laundry the first thing in the morning and after I cleaned the living room.
After that,I went to the supermarket. It was 10:30, so I thought I would be able to do a lot of things.
 But as soon as I got back home, a friend of mine stopped by for a chat,( I had a good time with her,though) several more people eventually dropped by.
 In the afternoon, my sister-in-laws came over,they stayed for a while until I drove them to the nearest station。
Before I knew it,it was already evening.
But I can't complain because there was nothing to worry about today.
All in all it was a peaceful day.

2010-08-14 07:25

たいていそんな日は、It's been one of these days. とあきらめます。