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2010-09-30 10:58

Since last Tuesday the tax office clerks have been visiting us and checking our income.
It seems to me they do it very slowly as if they are killing time for one week here.

They don't come early in the morning and go back to their office at about 4 o'clock.
Perhaps they do some of the leftover paper work there though.

Our tax accountant said that he wants to have a break today since it is the date of his late wife's passing.
He said that he had never failed to ask Buddhist priests to pray for her soul,and this morning he is coming as usual.

Anyway I can't do much for myself and my family until they finish their work.

2010-09-29 10:59

The Green market is held near my house 3 times a month,

I did not like those old style shops until recently.
For me, talking to the people who ran the stalls was annoying,
some friends come over here just because they like traditional shops,though.

I also hate to go to department stores,
and I often try to find an excuse not to go to meetings and don't make time to see people unless I really want to see them.

But studying foreign languages has changed my mind,
so probably I'll go to a market town in France someday if the atmosphere lures me there.

2010-09-28 10:06

I don't think I'll be able to write today's entry,
but I just want to say how much I enjoyed the school events of my son's junior high school the last three days.

My son said he had a lot of regrets, but they were on a tight schedule and couldnt postpone anything.
We have to be glad that everything went smoothly.

2010-09-27 11:32

It's another beautiful autumn day. Thanks to the recent rainfall,
the school grounds, which don't have any grass won't get dusty in the sunshine.

I'll probably get a tan again as I'm going to video tape the sports festival of my son's school.

Sometimes I think that if I were single or didn't have any children,
I would feel younger, but I may be the happiest women on earth to have a boy,
and I try to think that I'm only as old as I feel. Time to go .

2010-09-26 11:09

I'll walk to my son's school again today,
I'm not going to go back and forth today like yesterday,

I'm only going there in the afternoon to see the student's arts and crafts display, pictures, calligraphy etc

They are lucky enough to have such a beautiful autumn day two days in a row for their campus festival.

Especially because today they have some events outside, something like shooting games and they set up stands for lunch and PTA members have bazaars.

The beginning of the festival yesterday, my son made a short, perfect speech on stage as the chairman of the student council.
He always has plenty of guts in front of lot of people.