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2010-10-26 10:18

I sluggishly played the piano for over 30 minutes last night,and I knew that I did not make the subtle sounds of the waltz or improve my piano skills.

When my hands are not normal,that is they sometimes have pins and needles,I can't play the piano well, but I don't want to miss practice.
Keeping my hands flexible and practicing is part of my daily routine.

I can't study French and English these days as much as I want, but somehow I find time to still play piano and upload these entries and I feel really good when I finish them.

2010-10-25 16:05

On the way home I admired a lot of autumn flowers which are in full bloom now and enhancing this season.
Among them I especially like pale pink Cosmoses which has another name,"Autumn cherry blossoms",
but unlike the Japanese cherry blossoms, the Cosmoses came from Mexico in the Meiji period, and they come in many different colors.

We can see them everywhere in fields at this time of year, but I still find such ordinary flowers refined,
because even though they are fragile they can bear strong wind and rain as if they would never fade away.
If my life is likened to a flower, I'd like to be a Cosmose.

2010-10-24 17:22

I am impressed by people who know a lot about classical music.

Nowadays I often forget the titles of those pieces when I have chances to listen to them at classy coffee shops or hotel restaurants.

I used to know them well when I was a student and I occasionally showed off my knowledge of music.
Come to think of it, I was a bit green and imprudent.And when I look back on those days I often blush.

Whenever familiar songs came on, some of my friends would ask me about them and the composers since they counted on me to get the right answer immediately.

Maybe I should review the field so if I meet my old friends they will remember how music savvy I was and I can meet their expectations.

2010-10-23 12:34

I hear that young people in Western countries want to be independent as soon as possible because they want to show that they are already full-fledged adults.

In Japan, however, we tend to be respected if we live with our parents after we get married as long as we can take care of ourselves financially.

Of course devotion to the parents depends on the situation as everyone is different.
I believe that most Japanese couples pay part of the rent and food expenses to their parents.

An article on France I recently read said that, nowadays there are so many people over 30 who can't support themselves and live in their parents' houses.

Living in the same space they can't avoid conflict with each other and there are restrictions on their freedom. Such a conventional topic here in Japan is now common in France as well.

2010-10-22 14:00

Today I dropped by my old familiar beauty salon to buy some hair shampoo and treatment.

The owner was cleaning the floor herself, but she must have paid attention to the door as she said hello without looking at me.

She said that she was tired of running her shop alone, so she doesn't care if she loses her customers when I asked her to excuse me for my long absence.

But I still feel a little guilty about it, and keep going there just to pick up a few things now and then.
She was as happy to see me as ever.
Maybe selling that stuff is more profitable than cutting my hair.