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2010-10-31 12:59

Once I was a TV lover when I was younger,I sometimes enjoyed the interview programs for writers,musicians, and TV personalities.

Of course. some of them were junk, but I still remember what they talked about in the short time if the contents were worth listening to.

One young female writer said that her teacher told her she had to read dictionaries so that she could have a more extensive vocabulary,
"Dictionaries are not only for looking up the meanings of words but,acquiring the skills to write."
What he said awakened her to the different way of using dictionaries.

2010-10-30 20:52

This morning I visited our ancestral graves before it grew light as usual.
Every Saturday I never fail to go to offer water and flowers.

It's been nearly 20 years since I started it. My mother-in law would tell me that she did not like impure water in the teacups and the stale odor from the vases of withered flowers.

She insinuated that I should change them constantly after her death.
She did not need to say that as it had already become one of my habits.

Today it was raining hard because of the influence of an unseasonable typhoon.
I got wet while I was there this morning, but somehow I really felt good.

2010-10-29 12:59

One of my old high school teachers came from Toyama prefecture to Aichi after graduating university.

He said that he would not go back to his home town ever again because he took to this area.
Back in his district, the dark sky during the winter made him gloomy and demoralized him.

When he entered the teaching profession here, he was surprised to know that we often have sunny days throughout autumn and winter, and he decided to live in this prefecture all his life.

I often complained about the cold, dry air in those days, but after he told us his story I began to enjoy winter.
Besides, the climate has changed since my childhood days anyway.

2010-10-28 17:42

Suddenly winter-like weather has arrived after a short lovely season ,although it's still technically autumn until November 7.
The season's first snow fell in the mountains yesterday.

I remember that my son's school closed classes temporarily because of the HINI flu epidemic at the end of October last year, a lot of people wanted to buy masks, but they were sold out at most of the shops, I felt the phenomenon was abnormal.

Around that time my son went to a playhouse to see "The Phantom of the Opera" with his classmates in the city, and he had to wear a mask inside the theater.

I wonder what kind of type of flu will be rampant this year.

2010-10-27 16:50

Today my son was able to skip school officially and we went to one of the city hotels where an award ceremony was held.
Students at the ceremony received a prize for excellence in scholarship and attitude towards life.

There were hundreds of people in the hall,from private high schools, private vocational schools,and teachers who contributed to the development of those schools.
But there were only 19 junior high school students in all the prefecture including my son.

Compared to public school students, the number by ratio is low, but I still took it as an honor when he was elected as one of them.

I only hope he keeps up the good work.