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2010-10-09 10:53

The language school where I go sometimes with my son is a little far from here. So my son often cancels his English lessons,
and recently he has not gone there for one month, because of his school events.
Recently one of the secretaries told me that his lessons would expire next month without finishing his course and we wouldn't be able to get our money back.

Yesterday, I finally told him he could go there if he tried.
Compared to those children who go to cram schools, his life is not hard as he only has a piano lesson sometimes.
And I added that I did not want to waste my money,
but he responded facetiously ,"Forgive me mom, instead, the school gave me this."
Then he handed me a piece of paper which said that he was recognized as one of the most excellent students among private junior high school students.

I guess sometimes reality contradicts "incredible" rewards.