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2010-10-15 19:38

There are some people from the bank who occasionally come to my house to conduct business.

The system is convenient for me, even though I have to wait around for them after I call.
Those men from the local bank are in charge of collecting money or authorizing withdrawls for customers who don't have time to go to the bank or an ATM.

The bank clerks change every two years so that they don't get overly friendly with customers.
Yesterday, the man from the bank who had worked in my area for last 3 years told me it was his last day as he is going to be transferred to another district.

I casually said good bye and that I would probably see him sometime, but I hid my feelings because I felt a bit melancholy.

"Rencontrez quelqu'un,c'est le debut des au revoirs"(Meeting someone for the first time is the beginning of saying, "farewell") (逢うは別れの始め)