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2010-10-18 16:57

I am often asked by my friends if they could meet my English teachers,
since they rarely have opportunities to talk to native speakers of English.

One day while I was having a lesson with my American teacher at my house, a friend of mine came here unannounced, and as soon as she spotted him she called her son to come here and join us.

She said that her son had been studying hard at high school, so I guess she wanted to inspire him by meeting a native speaker.

A lot of parents spend considerable sums of money on cram schools to improve their children's educations, but they hesitate to pay for English lessons for some reason, despite their eagerness to raise them as bilinguals.

Compared to those children, my son hasn't appreciated his family environment so far,
but I'm sure he will be interested in English like I was when he gets older,
as they say" like hen, like chicken".