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2010-11-03 22:35

I feel stressed when I have to spend all day long with someone even if they are my family.
Until I went to Tokyo to enter university I had always spent most of my free time at home in my rooms. I was fortunate enough to occupy two rooms,one of them was my piano and study room,and the other was my bed room.

The condition made my little brother jealous of me.
While I was attending university I moved to a different apartment as my neighbor often came to my room to watch my TV.
She was raised in a big family and felt lonely in her room.

It wasn't that she was not nice, I just did not want to have her around all the time and I didn't have the courage to tell her I wanted to be alone and read a book.

Nowadays most of the young people including my son have a lifestyle like my childhood.
It must be difficult for them to adjust to the atmosphere,but I'm sure they are by far more self-assertive than I was when I was young, so there's nothing to worry about,after all.