現在猫6匹のみ、初めて犬のいない暮らしをしています。ピアノ、英語、フランス語歴は長いですが、数年前からドイツ語勉強し始めました。ブログの名前は“Le Petit Prince 星の王子さま”より

2010-11-04 21:04

"Keep your eyes on the stars" is the motto of the junior high school where my son attends.
It seems to suggest everybody should have unlimited enthusiasm for studying and try hard to reach for higher ground.

They often forget how happy they were when they passed their entrance exams.
Each of them gave a public speech at the beginning of the new school term and outlined their ambitious plans and dreams.

My son declared that he would take over the family business and he even mentioned his plans for university. His speech was excellent, and he delivered it without getting nervous in front of hundreds of audience members. And now, he has became the president of the school council and his grades place him near the top of his class this year.

I used to tell him not to come in second in a large group, and finish first in a small community (better to be first in a village than second at Rome) because it is my motto. Eventhough he may be a "big fish in a smallpond", the confidence he has gained from excelling at a small, prestigious school will help him continue to "reach for the stars" on his journey through life.