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2010-11-05 20:39

When I had just finished vacuuming the living room this morning, I noticed that my son left his wristwatch on the table again.
He is very attentive about everything and he is often a busybody.
For example, while we are walking in town or underground in a big city, he often says I have to walk more carefully and smoothly and not drop my belongings.

Maybe it is because of my bags.
I tend to carry a few bags with me, a shoulder bag,a tote bag and a few paper bags, so I cannot walk gracefully.

Obviously it makes me look like an old country housewife.
My son doesn't like to see my unsophisticated behavior.
Still, he forgets to put on his wristwatch sometimes before he goes to school,as he is very busy looking for the belt to his uniform.
As long as we don't cause trouble in public, our bad manners are not serious