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2010-11-10 17:43

One of my acquaintances is 90 years old, but she is still vigorous and rides a bicycle when she comes to my place.
She has three sons who have nice families.

Her third son is a university professor and teaches German.
He went to Germany after finishing his school in Japan and lived there to study.
After he became fluent in German while working as a part timer, he entered university there.

She said he was her pride and joy even now.
According to her,because he lived in a western county he learned that husbands and wives have to share the housework,so he helps his wife a lot even if he is still busy studying German till late in the evening.

Surprisingly she is proud of her son's role at home.
I admire him for his diligence and I am glad to know that such a old woman is very understanding about a modern couple,unlike people who have narrow-minded outlooks towards women's roles.