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2010-11-23 13:23

When I look back on my childhood days, I don't have a lot of good memories.
My parents loved me at first, but after my brother was born, they started devoting their time to him.

Whenever my mother took him shopping,I had to stay home alone.
But when I became the mother of a boy myself,I knew the reason.

It is quite a burden to take care of infants, especially boys because most boys are naughty.
Mothers must always keep an eye on them while they are awake.

A friend of mine hesitated to have a second child since she did not have anyone to help her.
Another good friend of mine was lucky enough to have her parents live next door to her.
To be exact she moved in to the neighborhood because she needed them to help raise her two boys.

Many years have passed since those turbulent years.
Now I know that child care is tough, but rewarding.