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2010-11-24 15:36

I don't know many people who have a grand piano made for concert halls,but I am lucky enough to have one and a room that is big enough to accommodate it.

Even pianists who live in a big city cannot afford to have them because of the housing problem.
In the near future I'd like to buy a Steinway,which is known as one of the most famous pianos in the world.
I think it is too much for me, but once I got used to playing it, I'd find others were not worth playing.
Until then I'll keep practicing the piano everyday,so that my pricey piano won't be a waste.

There are a lot of traditional pianos from Europe,I hear each has its own character.
Yamaha pianos are also high quality but have less distinctive traits to talk about.
That's why I'd like to have foreign one one day.

Yesterday evening, when I was playing a waltz, my son said that my performance sounded really great thanks to the good piano.

Is that a praise for me ?