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2010-12-31 18:27

Today is one of the busiest days of the year, but somehow I managed to walk my dog, Hana,for one hour today.
It seemed to have snowed slightly during the night and the road was frozen and slippery.
Hana looked tired after the long walk as she has a heart problem,and she neither ate food nor drank water.

It was yesterday that the vet said that she would be able to live longer if I took care of her well.
She either got an infectious disease in the veterinary hospital or cold weather caused some problems to her heart.
Maybe I shouldn't have taken her outside for such a long time.
I've been worried about her.
The only thing I can do for her now is be with her so that she can relax.

As for myself I have not been able to get enough sleep for the last week.
Unlike other new year's eves,today I'm swamped in a different way.

2010-12-30 11:35

I did my daily routine in the morning,I also have finished putting out the Kagamimochi (mirror rice cakes)and decorated the Shochikubai(pine, bamboo and plum which are considered auspicious).

I used to help my mother when she was very busy around this time of year.
Thanks to her I did not need to learn much how to prepare for the new year season after I got married.

I respect my mother who juggled work and motherhood.
Compared to me she was very dexterous. I have only son,but I don't have any daughters to take over my work.

I must go back to my work as I still have a lot of things to do today.

2010-12-29 16:21

My sister-in-law visited us this afternoon.
She said that she went to Spain to see a festival recently and she regretted that she hadn't reviewed English much because most people spoke English,even though she was in Spain.

She has a lot of things to do everyday for her pastimes: tea ceremony,Yoga,flower arrangement etc.
As she lives alone she doesn't need to worry about preparing dinner.
Instead she makes use of her spare time as much as possible,but she gave up studying English many years ago.

Now that she has a motive, she is ready to take up English again.

2010-12-28 13:13

In the past 5 years,the cactus flowers bloom by the bow window at this time of year.
As I really like the baby pink petals,I feel happy to know the cactus in the pot is still healthy and has a lot of flowers.

I hear many people complain that most plants don't last for a long time,let alone bear flowers the year after they get them.
I think the conditions in my house must be suitable to grow pot flowers.

Somehow when I see them, I feel the coming year will be a good one.

2010-12-27 13:01

My dog Hana is always on edge,she hasn't had a long sleep since she came to my place.
She wants to follow me wherever I go and she starts barking when I'm out of her sight.

She worries just like small children do about their mothers.
I know that dogs bark hard at sudden loud noises or unusual visitors,but Hana is calm and never looks frightened by them.

Today as soon as I got back home from shopping,I had to clean up the messy room,as she tore up a lot of newspapers because of her desperation from being without me.
Now I'm sitting on a chair so that she can be quiet and free from anxiety.

Poor Hana, when will she be able to trust that I will never abandon her.