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2010-12-08 18:07

This morning I had a French lesson.
My French teacher asked me if I still remembered the word which he had taught me a few weeks ago.

If the person likes something kitsch then maybe we could say snobby or materialistic? When I asked him he said that it was a good definition. The French word "kit(s)ch"comes from German,and it's in French dictionaries.

Since he said that he thought a certain house was kitsch whenever he passed by it,I got the nuance.

"まがいもの・まやかしの・俗悪な飾り""fake, phony, coarse,vulgar, unrefined, bad taste decoration or not authentic"in English,but I was not sure if they were synonyms.

Then I asked my American teacher about the word, he said that they use " kitsch" as well, the adjective is kitschy.
Well,I will never forget the word.