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2010-12-11 19:27

One of my distant relatives wrote an article on her personal experience.
It was in the newspaper recently under her pen name.

She was depressed because she had to keep it secret and it was a burden on her for a certain time.
One day she got a telephone call from a man claiming to be her son.
He said that he had a husky voice because of a cold, she did not doubt that the man was her real son and sent him 1,500,000 yen as he instructed.

She was flustered since she thought her beloved son had been in a predicament.
About the same time she sent another 1,500,000 yen,the organization was raided,and she had a stroke of fortune as she was able to recoup all of her losses.

It was a rare case because those criminal groups have a lot of information about the families and the scheme is often deftly carried out,so we are easily deceived and of course we can't get the money back.