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2010-12-12 18:22

Yesterday afternoon I went to the orthopedic clinic where my father has been hospitalized.
Although all cars were driving smoothly at 90 to 100 kilometer per hour on the toll road,it took me over one hour to get there because of a road construction near my hometown.

As soon as I got into the room, my father broached the subject of one of my employees; he and his girlfriend came to see him the day before yesterday.
He was happy for him since my young employee now has a common-law wife.
Actually he had been suffering from a broken heart for one year.

Contrary to his appearance as a strict old man, my father is always understanding for the lifestyles of young people.

Then he went on to say that he had just finished his rehabilitation training for the day.
I'm glad to know that he is recuperating from his hip surgery and has started walking with a walker.