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2010-12-13 19:47

For the past three years I have wanted to see a woman who used to drop by my house and give my last dog a snack.
She even brought me her homemade dishes sometimes.
But I always miss the opportunity to see her because she is in a nursing home, and only on some weekends is taken to her house.
Whenever I went to her house, her only daughter,who is still single and in a senior post at a big company, was absent,but yesterday she finally answered the door and I was able to see the 89-year-old woman.

Unfortunately she didn't seem to remember me or couldn't talk to me since she is stricken with paralysis. Her daughter thanked me again and again saying that her mother often talked about me and my old dog before she had a stroke.

I asked her not to tell her mother that my dog had died 2 years ago.