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2010-12-16 18:04

One of my employees lived with her husband and her second son's family before.
Unfortunately she couldn't get along with her husband and her daughter-in-law was also not amiable to her.
She felt as if she had been ostracized by them and she started to live in a hut in the garden in her house.

This will be the third winter for her in the narrow room surrounded by thin walls.
When I gave her a kerosene heater last year,she was so pleased.
For the past few years every other day I've been giving her cooked rice as she doesn't have a rice cooker,and some dishes such as,sweets and fruit as well.

She said that she would like to walk my future dog if I have a chance to have one.
It's nice of her to say that, now I am ready to keep a dog.