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2010-12-19 15:43

Today my son will play two songs on the piano at a piano recital or, as they say, Christmas concert.
This month he has two recitals which he has to attend. At one of them, three piano teachers call all the students together and have a concert at a small hall,and the other is also held in the hall of a kindergarten.
My son has been taking electronic organ lessons there since he was 3 years old and started playing the piano at the age of 4,and nowadays he only plays the piano.

His teacher wants him to continue the electronic organ as well,but my son is not interested in it these days,although he plays it in a concert in a big hall in Nagoya every other year.

Someone who only practiced the electronic organ told me,she regretted that she did not learn piano and she envied her friends who could play it.

I also prefer the sound of the piano, so I've never complained that his most up-to-date model has been gathering dust at our house.