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2010-12-20 22:10

We got to the class room early where my son's homeroom teacher had been waiting for us.
In the parent-teacher conference,the teacher said to me that my son was impeccable,

there were no complaints and that his latest exam results were excellent.
As my son expected, we could leave school soon since his teacher didn't need to talk a lot. I was kind of relieved.

On the way home from school, two women who were walking ahead of us looked back at us several times and finally spoke to us.
I couldn't remember who they were until they told me that they were very surprised to know that my son has grown up so quickly.

I wanted to brag about my son to them, but I swallowed my words.
Because I thought that Japanese people are not used to listening to such boastful talk,I should wait until he becomes a full-fledged adult and then they can judge for themselves.