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2011-01-26 13:39

In the past, I went to Canada,Switzerland and Scandinavia with my family.I didn't tell them the reason why I did not enjoy the trips much.
I can only say that I was not satisfied while I was there,although they were relatively luxurious tours.
I went there just because I wanted my son to have good memories with us and that he would remember me in the future with those spectacular views.

I remember those days when I was not happy and depressed for a few years.
I wasted my time not studying English until I took up French about 3 years ago.
Then I realized that my English ability really has a lot to do with the progress of French.

I'll keep being happy and enthusiastic about studying two languages and someday I'll visit France as a new person.
This is what I thought on my birthday.

2011-01-25 16:28

I looked for one of my NHK education program textbooks for hours after dinner and I still couldn't find it by the time my son started playing the piano at 11:30 in the evening.

When I was a student I was so enthusiastic about memorizing proverbs, and bought a lot of books which covered old sayings and famous poets.
A lot of phrases were quoted from books, philosophers and novels.

My favorite ones are "There is no royal road to learning.(Euclid)"
"No man proves famous but by labor. (Raiki) and
"A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.(Rousi)".

Now there is a good radio program which introduces many contemporary sayings to us,but somehow the sayings are hard for me to remember.
Its very frustrating that I can't remember them immediately unlike before.
Well, I must find the proverb.

The phrase should be " On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur.L'essestiel est invisible pour les yeux" if it is French.(心でしかよく見えない。大切なことは目には見えない。)

2011-01-24 21:57

I was out half of the day yesterday.
When I was leaving Hana was restless because she noticed that I had gotten dressed and had a hand back which was not for shopping.
I usually try not to leave her alone for a long time,and I never fail to say that I will back soon,she can wait for me with the promise of a long stroll,a pat on the head and real meat,not pet food when I return.

It's been one month since she joined our family and she has perfectly gotten used to this environment. She doesn't seem to doubt that she is safe with us.
Whenever I get back,I feel happy, as Hana comes out to meet me at the entrance.

I felt it was a long day, but I still had energy to walk her for half an hour, because thanks to her, I forgot all the inconveniences which had happened to me.

2011-01-23 09:56

I am in shock.

I don't know if I can call him one of my rivals,but today my son's homeroom teacher is going to take the English proficiency test of level 1,which I've been also been wanting to sit.

He speaks Russian and plays the piano well, and of course he is a good chemistry, physics and biology teacher. He teaches everything in the science area and is listed as a counselor of the club orchestra at my son's school.
So he sometimes accompanies them on the piano.

I rarely speak to him, but when I met him at the meeting,and congratulated him on successfully passing the level pre 1,he suggested that we aim at passing the level 1 together.
He seemed to know I study languages.
I never thought he was that serious.

I feel that somehow I'm a failure.
Maybe I should stop drinking beer at dinner from now on.

2011-01-22 10:43

I've finished vacuuming the floor, but I know it's not all the housework.Because of a pain in my back, I can't do it all at once,

I need to rest and a cup of coffee and to sit in front of my computer.
If I didn't vacuum the rooms twice a day, our house would be full of Hana's fur.
I try to convince myself that cleaning is a kind of exercise, besides without Hana I wouldn't be able to live life to the fullest.

As a result I give up doing things for myself.
I'm not complaining about anything.
The day is too short to do a lot of things for myself,especially because I'm not good at making use of my time.
I just want to have a long day so that I can watch the education programs I've been recording for the past few months which my son told me he wanted to delete.
Well, at least I'll try to watch one of them today.