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2011-01-31 17:48

My son came back home from school with 5 friends, as they did not have full classes and were able to leave school earlier than usual.

The 6 boys immediately started playing video games and eating snacks.
According to my son, their mothers are very strict and they don't want to spend their free time at home.

Sometimes they play soccer after school or roam around in shopping malls and game centers.
If they have enough time to play games here, they are happy to come and stay till late in the evening.

There always is a friendly atmosphere,I've never felt out of place in the same room. Today they sometimes spoke to me and petted my dog on her head.

One of my son's friends left for New Zealand yesterday and while they were here they brought up the subject.
I'm sure they will still be able to get along as well as before 3 years from now.

2011-01-30 17:19

I went to a quaint French restaurant in Nagoya with my Japanese friends and private teachers last night.
As usual I was much older than any other people in the group which consisted of 6 Japanese, 3 Americans, 1 Canadian,and 2 Frenchmen.

Until recently I felt uncomfortable with younger Japanese people when we had dinner together.
Because Japanese people, especially females are always nosy and somehow I felt inferior to them just because I was not younger than them.

As I grew older I stopped caring about what they thought of me and I found myself able to relax with them.
After the dinner I was so relieved to know that my neighbors were very satisfied with the experience this time again.

They were still very excited on the way home,and told me that they were looking forward to the next dinner together.
These days I feel like I'm an old busybody who provides chances for them to meet foreign people.

2011-01-29 13:08

My dog, Hana and I are in a column in The Japan Times this morning.
The writer had told me that she fixed the red eyes on the photo with Photoshop.

I did not expect that they would put Hana in again so early, but was delighted to see her and I in the news paper.
I've been subscribing the same paper for over 20 years, but it's not an understatement to say that I kept buying them just because I wanted to read articles on animals.

The small delivery shop in this ward said that I am the only person who subscribes to The Japan Times, so I couldn't get an extra one today for my father.
It's a shame. In our town, it's seems that only a handful people read English news papers, even if they are good at English.
They may get a lot of information in English through the Internet.
Anyway, I will continue to read those articles,hoping all the animals in the world will become happier.

2011-01-28 23:20

I've received a mail from a woman who works at the Japan Times news company.
She is writing a caption for the Japan Times about my adopting Hana.
She has to send it in very soon but she realized she didn't know where I lived and wanted me to give her some general information.

She also said "Thank you and thank you very, very much for giving Hana a home!!".
Unfortunately Hana's eyes were red in the photo which I sent her recently,so she would like me to try again so she can put it in the paper.

I don't know how I can take a good photo without making her eyes look red.I also took pictures of her outside so that I didn't need a flash, but Hana was distracted by my cats.
I haven't been able to send her a good one, so they may not write about Hana.

2011-01-27 16:14

I thought that conductors in the orchestra were usually tall handsome men,but my piano teacher said that it wasn't always true.
They not only have to be knowledgeable about music, but they should have leadership and charisma as well.
She added that my son is a suitable choice and that the school made a good decision.
Since she usually criticizes and speaks of others sarcastically,I was glad that she flattered my son.

I hope he and his classmates will have a good performance in Australia when they go there on a school excursion in February.
And I also hope that the tour arouses his interest in studying English.
He will have to make a short speech as a representative of the group in English anyway.

But this month two of his schoolmates are leaving soon for New Zealand to study for three years,it means they are supposed to spend their high school days there.
I admire their courage.
Compared with them, a 10 day trip including a homestay experience is relatively nothing.