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2011-01-02 11:29

There were not any clouds in the sky today,it's a lovely day to walk my dog.
But my skin has been affected by the cold weather for the past week,I feel like a lot of my hair has been falling out and my face gets irritated after the walk.

As I have been devoting so much of my time to Hana,while sacrificing my appearance,she has finally gotten used to this environment.
Although she looks nervous when I'm not close to her, she now can stay on her carpet until I return.

The old article on her in the newspaper says that she is "a gem of a dog",and I agree with it.
I knew that my life would change a lot,become more busier and I'd have less time to study,but I couldn't help taking her in when I had a hunch that she would also like me.

I have no regrets.