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2011-01-18 13:13

When I called the taxi company to drive me to the nearest station,the person at reception desk spoke to me bluntly.
Since there was a lot of snow in this area,all of the taxis were out driving people and there were not any taxis available.
Not only the reception but some of the drivers are not so polite here either.
So I walked to the station in a hurry,but the trains were not running on schedule,I had to wait for 15 minutes at the station to get the earliest train.

On the contrary, the taxi driver in Nagoya was very amiable,he kept on talking to me saying that he was from Niigata which is a famous region with heavy snow.

He didn't understand why people in this prefecture make such a great fuss over snow.

My brother-in-law looked fine after the operation.
I was kind of relieved.
On the way back from the university hospital,I picked up a taxi on the spot.
The driver was also affable, I guess the competition is fierce in the big city compared to my town.