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2011-01-22 10:43

I've finished vacuuming the floor, but I know it's not all the housework.Because of a pain in my back, I can't do it all at once,

I need to rest and a cup of coffee and to sit in front of my computer.
If I didn't vacuum the rooms twice a day, our house would be full of Hana's fur.
I try to convince myself that cleaning is a kind of exercise, besides without Hana I wouldn't be able to live life to the fullest.

As a result I give up doing things for myself.
I'm not complaining about anything.
The day is too short to do a lot of things for myself,especially because I'm not good at making use of my time.
I just want to have a long day so that I can watch the education programs I've been recording for the past few months which my son told me he wanted to delete.
Well, at least I'll try to watch one of them today.