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2011-01-23 09:56

I am in shock.

I don't know if I can call him one of my rivals,but today my son's homeroom teacher is going to take the English proficiency test of level 1,which I've been also been wanting to sit.

He speaks Russian and plays the piano well, and of course he is a good chemistry, physics and biology teacher. He teaches everything in the science area and is listed as a counselor of the club orchestra at my son's school.
So he sometimes accompanies them on the piano.

I rarely speak to him, but when I met him at the meeting,and congratulated him on successfully passing the level pre 1,he suggested that we aim at passing the level 1 together.
He seemed to know I study languages.
I never thought he was that serious.

I feel that somehow I'm a failure.
Maybe I should stop drinking beer at dinner from now on.