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2011-01-24 21:57

I was out half of the day yesterday.
When I was leaving Hana was restless because she noticed that I had gotten dressed and had a hand back which was not for shopping.
I usually try not to leave her alone for a long time,and I never fail to say that I will back soon,she can wait for me with the promise of a long stroll,a pat on the head and real meat,not pet food when I return.

It's been one month since she joined our family and she has perfectly gotten used to this environment. She doesn't seem to doubt that she is safe with us.
Whenever I get back,I feel happy, as Hana comes out to meet me at the entrance.

I felt it was a long day, but I still had energy to walk her for half an hour, because thanks to her, I forgot all the inconveniences which had happened to me.