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2011-01-29 13:08

My dog, Hana and I are in a column in The Japan Times this morning.
The writer had told me that she fixed the red eyes on the photo with Photoshop.

I did not expect that they would put Hana in again so early, but was delighted to see her and I in the news paper.
I've been subscribing the same paper for over 20 years, but it's not an understatement to say that I kept buying them just because I wanted to read articles on animals.

The small delivery shop in this ward said that I am the only person who subscribes to The Japan Times, so I couldn't get an extra one today for my father.
It's a shame. In our town, it's seems that only a handful people read English news papers, even if they are good at English.
They may get a lot of information in English through the Internet.
Anyway, I will continue to read those articles,hoping all the animals in the world will become happier.