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2011-01-30 17:19

I went to a quaint French restaurant in Nagoya with my Japanese friends and private teachers last night.
As usual I was much older than any other people in the group which consisted of 6 Japanese, 3 Americans, 1 Canadian,and 2 Frenchmen.

Until recently I felt uncomfortable with younger Japanese people when we had dinner together.
Because Japanese people, especially females are always nosy and somehow I felt inferior to them just because I was not younger than them.

As I grew older I stopped caring about what they thought of me and I found myself able to relax with them.
After the dinner I was so relieved to know that my neighbors were very satisfied with the experience this time again.

They were still very excited on the way home,and told me that they were looking forward to the next dinner together.
These days I feel like I'm an old busybody who provides chances for them to meet foreign people.