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2011-01-31 17:48

My son came back home from school with 5 friends, as they did not have full classes and were able to leave school earlier than usual.

The 6 boys immediately started playing video games and eating snacks.
According to my son, their mothers are very strict and they don't want to spend their free time at home.

Sometimes they play soccer after school or roam around in shopping malls and game centers.
If they have enough time to play games here, they are happy to come and stay till late in the evening.

There always is a friendly atmosphere,I've never felt out of place in the same room. Today they sometimes spoke to me and petted my dog on her head.

One of my son's friends left for New Zealand yesterday and while they were here they brought up the subject.
I'm sure they will still be able to get along as well as before 3 years from now.