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2011-02-28 15:44

This morning,one saleswoman visited me in the middle of a heavy storm unannounced.
I don't know if she is single or not, but she travels all over Japan to sell products for pilgrimage tours like a shrewd businessman.

There are still many people who go on pilgrimages wearing special clothes and bringing Buddhist rosaries and bells for prayers.
The company where she works used to be a small family run shop aimed at those religious people, but in the past decade it has grown into a big company.

I guess one of the reasons why the woman visited me is because she is the only daughter of the president, so her sales pitch is very persistent because of her loyalty to the company.

Although I had told her I already had made a plan, she tried to stick around until I decided to buy something.

2011-02-27 19:04

We mothers tend to think that our sons will always be lifelong friends.
One of the mothers said that she was happy because her son made good friends after he entered his current school, he thought he would continue to get along with them hereafter.

And I agreed with her, as my son also had not thought about changing his school.
Although two of the classmates went to New Zealand to study English for 3 years, my son still keeps in touch with them and made sure they were safe after the giant earthquake in Christchurch.
Their friendship has not changed at all.

This April he will automatically enter the senior high school of his current private school.
Before they finish junior high school,they have a chance to enjoy a homestay in Australia.
Right now they're enjoying their trip without worries about entrance exams.
What lucky children they are!

2011-02-26 14:28

My son must have finished his speech as a delegate of the students in Ballarat.
He wanted me to write draft of it, because, according to him, the teachers expected or knew that I would prepare it for him. It must had been difficult for him to memorize it quickly as I didn't know exactly how much of the English grammar and vocabulary involved he was familiar with.

I imagine he found a lot of new words in it. I had put a miniature copy of his English speech written on a small paper into his jacket pocket by stealth before he got dressed that morning.
I thought it would be a lucky charm.

I hope his speech, music performance and everything went well.
Today I was able to see him and his all his friends through the Internet in Australia.

2011-02-25 14:57

It was a coincidence that a mother spoke to me without knowing that I was her son's roommate's mother.

While we were chatting for their departure in the waiting room,she said something about her son's roommate being very reliable.

When the school decided the schedule of the trip and their roommates for a hotel in Melbourne,her son had told her that he was very lucky to have been paired with the boy because he always turns to him and as a result,he would be able to go to Australia without anxiety.

Then our mutual friend joined us and said that the person who she had been talking about was my son.
We were very surprised,and glad to get to know each other.

I remembered that my son said that his roommate was a bit immature,but I thought he was still child in a sense when he said that sometime ago.

At the airport we just hoped they would have a safe 10 day trip.

2011-02-24 14:07

One mother called me after she got back home from the airport yesterday.
According to her story,the school had told all the children that they would have to express appreciation to their parents before their departure,but her son did not tell her anything.

On the other hand, one boy who is often considered a brat at school gave his mother very kind words,thanking his parents and saying that he was very happy to go to Australia.

Since his mother was so delighted she told a lot of people how happy she was when her son said it to her.

On the phone we talked about our sons for a while and agreed that our sons are not that type,we did not even hear "good bye" from them.