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2011-02-02 23:30

A friend of ours dropped by unannounced recently.

I had already bought some groceries for my family,so I whipped up some dinner for him too.
He prefers our house to restaurants since he can relax and stay a long time drinking Japanese Sake.

While we were at the table, I got a telephone call.
It seemed he had left his cell phone, and the man on the phone wanted to speak to our friend.

My husband told me that the person on the phone must have been surprised as I loudly called our friend by his first name,because our friend is in the highest position in a certain field and he is a scholar as well.
In Japan,it's rare to call people by their first names, let alone for VIPs.

However, he is a long-standing friend of ours and doesn't care if we call him by his first name.