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2011-02-03 20:35

There were not any clouds in the sky this morning. Contrary to the cobalt blue sky,
I felt depressed and I did not feel like doing anything as my dog Hana has been under the weather.

She did not eat much after her walk, and she soon returned to her bed which is unusual for her.
Yesterday I took her to the nearest post office, but it's about 800 meters away from here.
She sniffed at utility poles everywhere, so it took us 40 minutes on foot to go round trip.
She looked fine, but It might have been tough for her.

Since she came to my house, she has changed my life a lot.
So far I've spent most my free time with her, now I can't imagine life without her.

The veterinarian said that her heart problem is not serious, the skin disease will be gone as well as they have a good remedy.

Maybe I worry too much. She will get well soon.