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2011-02-04 21:19

This morning I went to the department store.
As soon as the shop opened at 10 o'clock,I bought 50 boxes of chocolates without hesitation for my employees,private teachers, son's piano teachers etc.

This time of year,it is customary for me to buy chocolates for everybody.
I finished shopping so quickly that it took me only an hour even though the shop was very far from this town.
I also I took a taxi from the station which is a 15 minute walk on foot, as I thought that the 50 boxes of chocolates were too heavy to carry.
That way I saved time and was able to get back home earlier than I expected.

Hana is always on her toes, or perhaps I should say paws.
She patiently waits for me at the entrance.
Since yesterday she has been suffering from diarrhea,but she looks like she is getting better.