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2011-02-06 15:23

One of the mothers of my son's friends who I got acquainted with a few years ago,sometimes calls or sends me mails.

I've been wondering if I should call her a friend or an acquaintance as we are not that close.
For me, a "friend" means a person whom we can talk about everything with, are close to and never feel out of place or incongruous around.

But if I use the word "acquaintance ", the nuance seems different in the English world.
So I still find it difficult to find suitable words to describe those people.

Anyway a few days ago, she asked me if I would like to join the reunion at a restaurant in 2 weeks with other mothers of my son's classmates.

I've already turned her down twice in the past 2 years,maybe I should join the party for the first time,so that I can glean information about the life styles of their sons.