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2011-02-10 21:08

Today, I walked to Nagoya castle from my town with my son's schoolmates,which is called a "meeting of good walkers".
The purpose of it is to train the body physically and mentally.
That is one of the peculiar school events of his school.
I haven’t heard that other schools have this type of event.

It's about 42 kilometers (about 26 miles) round trip, which is the same distance as a marathon at the Olympic Games.
I didn't need to run as athletes do, but we had a time limit at many spots so we had to walk 7 kilometers per hour without a break, but all of them were allowed to eat lunch in the park of the castle.
As a result we had to walk faster so that we could get back to the school by 4 o'clock.

After the event, I walked Hana.
She was waiting for me patiently, so I walked her longer than usual as a reward.
I feel very exhausted today.