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2011-02-19 22:23

It's time to prepare for my son's school excursion.
It seemed like the trip was far away, but his departure is next Wednesday.

Today I must look for a summer school uniform because he and his schoolmates are going to attend school in Ballarat in Australia 5 out of 10 days.
I put it away after summer last year because I did not think he would need it for a while.

And I will have to buy some everyday summer clothes for him while he stays with his host family for 7 days.
His old ones must be small by now.
Besides I must think of some souvenirs for the host family and probably he would like to give them to his new friends.

Yesterday evening he asked me how to write a thank you letter for the family when he finally says goodbye to them,because his school wants them to leave some message of appreciation for them.
My son hasn't met the couple who are going to be host family yet,so maybe I'll write rough draft for him so that he will be able to use it.