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2011-03-31 20:39

One day,a friend of mine said that I was always prepared to greet unexpected visitors.
Because I was wearing makeup whenever she visited me even though it was early in the morning or on weekends.

Most of my friends still come to see me without calling me like her,as it is a Japanese custom or they tend to think that I usually stay home.
And the other reason I guess is that if they tell me the time when they want to come,I may say I will be busy,or they don't want to bother me when I'm cleaning.

Anyway,it is true that I am always on my toes and ready to answer the door and never fail to welcome them.
On the other hand my friend often says she is ill in bed, most of time because of headaches.

To be honest, I sometimes feel envious of my friends who can have a nap,though.

2011-03-30 19:15

The other day I was a little surprised to hear a loud voice when the train was leaving the station.
"The doors are all right, we're ready. Go(launch)!" something like that.

And I noticed the conductors on the trains are quite young these days and new staff members are always very enthusiastic about their jobs.
No wonder the voice was so clear.

We have humble attitudes and serious determination towards work at first.
Unfortunately as time goes by the sincere feelings start to wane.

I think the new employee of the rail road company reminded me of how we should approach our work .

2011-03-29 22:42

One of my relatives on my husband's side,sometimes visits me,even though she lives far from our town.
Today she came here for a chat and we went shopping together.

She lived with her in-laws over 55 years.
When her mother-in-law passed away a few years ago after a long bout of nursing care,she thought she would be able to enjoy her free time.
But since her husband got sick and has been hospitalized, her life become has become busier again.

She often says that being with me makes her feel relaxed,and she tries to find time to come here when her daughters takes turns to take care of him.

I'm glad that I make her feel happy while she talks to me.

2011-03-28 15:17

My father told me that he would go on a trip in a few days with the members of his old peoples club.
He has completely recovered from his injury and he even helps my brother at work.

Although he sometimes complains about his busy life as he doesn't have much free time,he leads a relatively happy life for an 83 year old man thanks to his good health.

And now he really appreciates that he can still enjoy traveling.
He has not encountered any unforeseen difficulties in his life,and he said that he wants to live in a carefree manner from now on.

2011-03-27 18:56

I can't remember the last time I listened to music .

Our living-room-cum-kitchen is very convenient to have our close friends over,but if I have to let someone in who I don't know so well I must to thoroughly clean it up.
Also I cannot play the piano or listen to my favorite music while my family is here.

The other day,when I was at an electronics shop,I noticed a bulletin board which said that all the radios which they had produced recently were supposed to be sent to the stricken area because they didn't have any radios.

My problems seemed insignificant compared to theirs, so I thought I should stop complaining.
So far I have been able to lead a peaceful life even though I haven't had time for the pleasure of music.