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2011-03-03 11:44

I talked to my son for the first time in a week yesterday evening.
I don't think that he wanted to do so, but my son's host mother had told him I had been worrying about him and said he should call me.

He said that he had forgotten how to use his prepaid phone cards,even though I had bought him 10000 yen cards for international calls.
His host mother was kind enough to let him use the home telephone.
He did not have much money left since he had spent more money than he had planned,so he would not be able to pay her for telephone charge.
He said he had to finish the call quickly.
Then he hung up the phone after those words at a breath,so I did not have a chance to ask if he had been enjoying the time there,let alone check to see if his English speech went well.
The content was not so important, but it was worth hearing to make me feel relieved.
It's funny that he gave me his name when I answered the phone.
He must have thought that I wouldn't notice it was him.

And it is true, because his voice sounded different and I did not expect a telephone call from him at all.