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2011-03-08 17:46

I thought all of our employees had been getting along but recently I found out that one of them was very abrasive.
When he is busy answering the telephone calls and visitors,he suddenly gets irritated and becomes insensitive.
I think it's one of the reasons why he hadn't been able to work at the same place for a long time and he had changed jobs many times in his life.

He has already spent 4 years with us and apparently has been snapping at other coworkers the whole time.
So far I haven't had any problems with him as he is very sincere to me and never shows his real personality.

A few days ago the younger employee who wants to quit said that he could not put up with his patronizing manner any more,but he implied that he wanted to continue to work if I let the gadfly go.
It's difficult for me to decide which person to choose.