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2011-03-09 20:11

During the orientation of my son's high school,I saw a lot of familiar faces, although I don't know all of their names.
But one of them has been very friendly to me, she called me yesterday and said she was looking forward to seeing me.
Then she asked me if I could lend her some money today.
I told her that we would have to buy a satchel, 35 text books, a gym suit, 4 pair of leather shoes, canvas shoes for physical education in the gymnasium and field etc .

Today we also ordered new uniforms and gym clothes.
Surprisingly all of the mothers paid for them on the spot.
She thanked me because as a result of my help she didn't get embarrassed.

She had no idea that it would cost us over 170,000 yen all together, but that's what I had expected.