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2011-04-25 21:51

The drugstore which I often go to is in a bad location, as it is underground of a station building, and it is far from parking.
Because of this, it doesn't seem to be doing much business.
I don`t go there to buy medicine, mostly cosmetics and athletic drinks.
Today, a cashier told me that I would be able to get some free gifts, as I had bought a lot of things recently.
She brought me a catalog in which there were many pictures of a variety of products, such as daily necessities, toys, clothes and food, and I could choose some of my favorite items.
The cashier was all smiles and patiently waited on me while I picked a frying pan as one of my free gifts.

She said that I still had a lot of points left, and she suggested I choose a few more items, so I decided to pick a few things for my employees.
Although I appreciate the gifts, I wonder why they don't just reduce the prices instead giving things away for free.

2011-04-24 20:02

High blood pressure runs in my family.
My mother was slim, but, unfortunately, she passed away about 6 years ago.
My father has been skinny his whole life, but he, like my mother, has also had to deal with high blood pressure.
As for myself, I've been nearly 10 kilograms lighter than an average Japanese woman for most of my adult life, but this may have something to do with the fact that I've been taking tablets since I had two consecutive miscarriages.

Come to think of it, when I have been faced with family problems, my weight and body condition is often affected.
So, I think maybe our body weight doesn't have a lot to do with blood pressure.
Perhaps our environment affects it more than we think.
Conversely, my husband`s side of the family suffers from low blood pressure.
They find it difficult to get up early in the morning and move around quickly.

My son seems to have inherited my characteristics, as his blood pressure is relatively high, and he tends to be prone to getting headaches.

2011-04-23 19:25

I sometimes take English and French lessons at a language school in Nagoya.
Recently, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire by one of the secretaries, but I disregarded it for a long time.

But yesterday, they finally told me that I would have to hand the sheet in to them.
I often think that those questionnaires are not helpful for me since the questions don't apply to me.
They seem to think that I'm a middle-aged woman who can't speak English well, and just go there to enjoy seeing foreign people.
So they often kindly tell me that if I have trouble with my teachers they are willing to help me.

This time I filled in the blanks and circled the number which indicates beginners level so that they would be content with my answers

2011-04-22 15:06

The vet said that my dog would not need any more injections for her skin disease.
I've been taking her to the vet for three months, and my effort was finally rewarded.

On the internet, we can see so many dogs whose skin begins to appear as their fur comes out or they lose all of it because of a persistent disease.

Fortunately, the vet found that my dog had skin trouble in the incipient stage by chance when I took her there to have her heart examined.

Thanks to the new medicine, she recovered from the disease quicker than I thought.
I hear that dogs with this condition sometimes ended up being euthanized in the past.

Although I have to continue to take her to the vet regularly until she recuperates from abdominal dropsy, now I can be a little relieved, for the time being.

2011-04-21 15:38

I've transferred the stuff in my bag which I carry everywhere into a new, pink bag.
It's becoming warmer and warmer, so I've wanted to carry a more summer-like, bright bag , and I am determined not to lose my belongings from now on while carrying the new one.

Recently, I've lost my keys and my favorite electronic dictionary (why couldn`t I have lost the cheaper one which has less vocabulary, rather than a high-priced one whose contents were enormous?).

After much searching, I still can't remember where I lost the dictionary, but I am convinced that it was lost on the train on the way home from Nagoya.

I'm so disappointed in myself for being such a careless person.