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2011-04-30 20:04

This morning, my dog barked at a man who came from a security company which we have been contracted with for six months.
He said that one of the alarm instruments which they installed didn't function well, as the company's sensor had been warning and he was sent to check or change it.

About four months ago when I took my dog in as our family member from ARK in Osaka, she was very quiet on the way here for over three hours, and whenever I had visitors she did not look interested in them.I did not know he voice that is how she cried.

Her checkered dog life had ups and downs. But she finally has found her own home and thinks I'm her real master, that's why she barks when she has a chance to do so, though, it really was funny that she barked at a security guard.
I guess his uniform looked stern or too dignified for dog's eyes, so she must have thought he was a strange man.

2011-04-29 15:49

This morning we had a Buddhist ceremony at the temple for the purpose of consoling the souls who passed away on March 11th.
Over 500 people gathered to mourn them. Everyday in the newspaper there is a column covering the bereaved families.

Yesterday, one Buddhist priest described the grief that he felt when his temple was struck by the tsunami and engulfed by water and debris.
To make the matter worse, he and his wife were rescued, however, his father and 19-year-old son were still missing. How ironic, his son was a university student in Aichi Prefecture, but he happened to be back in his hometown on March 11th.

So far, he's been too busy to search for their bodies, as endless people visit him to pray.
He believes that praying for the people who died on the day is his mission, so he has continued chanting sutra for the spirits in only the clothes he happened to be wearing that day.
I admire him for his mental strength.

2011-04-28 17:57

I received a much-anticipated letter from my son, which was delivered from a different district from ours. It reached me three days later than I expected.
The letter was written while he was camping with his schoolmates for three days.

It's their annual school event, and students are supposed to write a letter home to express appreciation to their parents, after reading letters from us, which the school asks us to write in advance. I was worried for a few days since the letter had not arrived, and the other mothers had already received theirs.

The long-awaited letter was full of jokes; maybe he didn't want to be serious or sentimental, but I liked his version, as I always hope that he has a sense of humor.

2011-04-27 14:49

I try to think that at least I was unhurt after being so careless, and losing a lot of important things recently, however, I will never live down the regret that I felt after leaving my very precious English wordbook for the Level 1 English proficiency test on a train.

It's not an understatement to say that I lost the energy to continue studying English after that, as I felt a strong attachment to that text.
My son says that I tend to carry a lot of things, so I`m not able to pay attention to everything, and that is why I often lose so many things.
Then he cheered me up by saying that I would not need the wordbook anymore because I must have memorized all of the vocabulary in it. (Well, I wish I could have!)

The reason I miss the book the most is that I had written a lot of notes in the margins, which were my own annotation, so it was kind of like a piece of my personal history.
Even though it had become worn-out and looked dirty with finger marks from having used it so much, and dog-eared, from taking it everywhere I went, it meant a lot to me.

I am afraid I'm quite hopeless at managing my belongings.

2011-04-26 19:51

Recently, I have written about how I have been misplacing some things that are important to me.
Every time this happens it takes a lot out of me, because I spend a lot of time searching for them, and castigating myself for having to waste time and money replacing them.
However, instead of causing myself so much grief and anxiety, I should have thought about the lesson I learned from one of our parishioners a few years back.

He was an older gentleman who knocked on our door one morning looking for his walking stick.
He told us that he had visited our temple a few days earlier, and he thought that he had left his favorite walking stick here.
When I told him that we hadn`t found his stick he looked very disappointed, and he said that it held a lot of memories for him.

But, what I should have remembered was what he said next.
Even though he had lost something very important to him, he said that, in a way, it was a good thing, because he believed that his bad luck or bad spirits were exorcised or expelled with the lost object.
I don`t know why this memory came back to me after so many years, but perhaps more importantly, I don`t why I hadn`t been employing this philosophy everyday since I first heard it.