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2011-04-02 09:41

Some people keep asking me why I don't take days off.
Not only me, but a lot of women hardly find time to take a rest in their daily lives,let alone holidays.

The work I do is keeping accounts for our family business, seeing visitors, and writing handwritten letters back to people who write us.

Before I know it,it's already evening and I have to walk my dog, Hana, who really loves being outside, and having dinner.

Yesterday my brother visited me unannounced in the afternoon.
He was surprised to see the new entrance at my house, which was built in March of last year.
It meant that he hadn't come here for a long time.
He is also a busy man.
He only chatted with me at the entrance and did not stay long.

He is probably the busiest man in his town and has never taken days off in his life either.