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2011-04-05 19:31

Recently I heard from one of my old high school classmates, who lives next to my town.
She asked me if I remembered one girl who was in the grade below us.
She had happened to meet her at a party.

According to my friend, the younger schoolmate in those days talked about me and said that she respected me, and she still remembered me vividly.
I was very surprised and happy to know that. As for myself,I also remember the day when I played the flute with her.

First,I taught her how to play the flute and later we played a duet.
She was a very cute and charming girl. How could I forget her?
The music club didn't have any string instruments like cello or violin,but we enjoyed the sounds of woodwinds and brass instruments.
I especially liked the sound of the saxophone.

Every year I receive an invitation to the concert of the juniors,but I've never been there.
Maybe next time they hold a concert I'll go there. I may be able to see her again.