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2011-04-11 20:40

One of the cashiers in the supermarket near my house told me that beverages produced by coca-cola are being sold in limited quantities so only two bottles per customer are allowed.
(If we go there in a group of two, we can buy 4 bottles.)

For a long time I've been buying a case which contains 24 bottles of the same tea, but from now on I have to start buying little by little.
Since people hoard food, especially water, te and rice, supermarkets have become cautious in the Kanto area, but our town hadn't been influenced that much until now.
I could've explained that I have to serve tea to many carpenters twice a day until next month, but I gave all of the bottles,except 2, back to the shop wordlessly,because I thought it would be indecent of me to complain about it.

Besides, when I think of the evacuees I can't complain about anything.
It will take a long time to get back to normal in many ways all over Japan.