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2011-04-17 13:29

Yesterday evening when I was taking bath,I suddenly passed out and got roused from sleep when I inhaled some bath water.
Because of lack of sleep, I often have the same experience nowadays.
I must be cautious when I'm alone, and try to get more sleep from now on.

The other day I lost my house key while I was walking my dog.
My new year's resolution,which was to pay attention to my belongings,was already broken a few months ago when I lost several things.

And I did it again.
I am a terrible screw-up.
I don't know how to improve my carelessness.
One of my employees cheered me up by looking for the key with me,but our efforts were in vain,though.
She said that I was too busy to take care of myself and that I should take more time to relax.