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2011-04-20 18:24

When I called the housing company which remodeled our entrance last year, they said that due to the earthquake their factory can't make new keys.
Recently I lost the entrance key again, which was the last one as I had lost the other keys as well in one year.

I must had last it on the way to walk my dog.
On that day I made sure I put the key into my bag after the door, but I cannot remember when and where I pick up a plastic bag in order to pick up my dog's feces.
My bag must had been tilted and my key dropped on the thick grass.

Anyway I have the key changed totally as my son suggested to do so in a different company.
They ripped me off as they know I was in trouble, I paid them 63000 yen just for the door key.
I won't forget the day because I lost my last key and I had it changed on my son's 16th birthday day..